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David Ibbott, was president of the Rotary Club of Kingston in 2009-10. It was his 28th year with the club. In that year David, now in his 42 year as a Rotarian, began a monthly fellowship evening event that still meets monthly some 13 years later.

Each month, members of the club meet for friendly chatter and a meal at the Loyal Oarsman a pub on Bath Road in the west end. In summer months, the get-to-gathers often take place at members homes or yards as a pot-luck type of social.

With the club now growing and the introduction of new members of a wide age difference such socials provide the opportunity to get to know fellow Rotarians that does not exist if you attend using Zoom or grab a quick lunch before retiring to the meeting venue at Kingsview.

This has been a gift of love to the Kingston Rotary club as David has worked diligently since 2009-10 to ensure that what he started back then continues today.

I bring this to your your attention because creating a lasting legacy as a Rotary Club President is quite unusual. Whether at the club, district, zone or International level club presidents, district governors and even RI presidents rarely leave a lasting legacy by which to recall their year.

This is not a criticism but rather a condition created by the  fact that no one lasts for more than a year in a club, district or International leadership position. The turnover and the desire of each leader to set their own unique legacy almost guarantee’s that little carry-over from year to year occurs. The irony is that a few activities, especially successful fund raising events become permanent happenings. You could say it becomes both hard and easy to bring about change in Rotary at the same time.

David is the be congratulated for his persistence in keeping the social opportunity he start in 2009-10 alive. As this months social at the Loyal Oarsman attests, attendance is growing.  There must be a need.
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