Web Analytics
Two options you can activate when posting a “news story” in ClubRunner are a series of six social media icons and a comment section with a star in the right-hand corner above the comment box.

Using the Social Media Icons

These icons are at the end of each article so that you can post access to the story on one or all the social media platforms you use plus your email system.
I am not talking about the social media sites of the Club but of your own personal platforms.
For the majority this likely means your Facebook page. Note too, the “Like” button is a Facebook “like” button so takes you through to your own Facebook page.
This means every Rotarian is expected to want to share club news with their ‘friends’ to promote and build Rotary membership every week.
The same is true if you have Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, and Pinterest accounts. The e-mail icon is there to share it with your friends using that method.  
There is another problem, however. To date our members are not visiting the ClubRunner site to even read the articles. How do I know that?
The answer is: we have installed two analytics programs “Statcounter” and “Google Analytics”. This tells us lots of information: the number of visitors, the pages they entered on and left on, all the pages visited and how long a person was on a page.
So, I can tell you that the most times any “news story” has been viewed to date is 3. On the other hand, the most viewed page is the home page, which is logical but more importantly, the next most viewed page is the “cash calendar” page which is in the 100s of views.  A website is no good if it doesn’t generate traffic. The cash calendar page generates traffic.
The next question, however, is a toughie. Does it generate new members? Overtime, there are algorithms which will answer that question.

Using the Comments Section and the “Star” Icon

It is important to know that only active club members or those who can login into the site may post comments. That is why you can see my picture. The public cannot post comments, nor do they see a picture if they or you are not logged in.
So, what is the “star” for? It is a means by which you can show you “liked” the article. Note the words “1 like” beside the star. The other difference is that when you click on the star it turns from white to yellow.