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Bitcoin, Coin Mining and Fossil Fuels
Aug 25, 2022 12:15 PM
Rob Altenburg
Bitcoin, Coin Mining and Fossil Fuels


Rob Altenburg is a member of  Mechanicsburg-North (Rotary Club) and ESRAG. Rob has environmental, climate, and energy expertise to advance clean energy solutions. He works with regulatory agencies and clean energy industry experts on climate and energy issues across the Commonwealth. Rob speaks extensively to students, community groups, and other organizations on climate and energy issues. Rob has provided testimony to the US EPA and the White House and co-authored federal climate policy. While working for Environmental Protection, Rob attended Widener Commonwealth Law School in the evenings. He graduated cum laude and earned certificates in both environmental law and administrative/constitutional law. Rob worked in software development and systems administration. While serving in the U.S. Army Reserve, he commanded a combat engineer company and earned the U.S. Army Parachutist Badge jumping out of airplanes. Rob is an avid hiker, he volunteers as a pilot with the Civil Air Patrol—the US Air Force auxiliary, and he is also a scuba diver who has dived on shipwrecks in the Atlantic.