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A new and exciting program is being launched on October 29th, 2022, with the involvement of club Rotarian, Matt Hawksley at Queen’s University, titled Advanced Leadership in Social Impact (ALSI).
ALSI is a one-year program aimed at middle and senior management executives who want to move ideas from theory to action. As Hawksley said, quoting Steven Covey, “What you do has greater impact than what you say!”
Enrolment will be limited to between 7 and 10 individuals. Tuition will be $25,000 with 30% of enrolees eligible for a bursary. The aim is to have a wide mix of skills among the participants.
The pedagogical approach of the program will combine theory and practice. Emphasis will be placed on experiencing how implementing an idea involving change can have its greatest impact.  This time quoting Eric Hoffer, Hawksley said, “…the learned find themselves equipped to live in a World that no longer exists.”
Queen’s wants to use a methodology which will encourage individualized growth as well as community and social impact. As such, it will contain three phases: discovery, design, and delivery. Each phase will result in a deliverable: a position paper, a proposal, and a pilot program.
Hawksley identified two impact areas “clean technology” and “health in an aging population” both of which would engage not just Queen’s academic research community but partnerships with the city, business, and citizen communities.
A website for the program will be online during the first week of July with further development during the summer months, including the creation and implementation of an advisory committee at the end of July.
In the long term, the planners hope the initial cohort will become advisors to the next and so on. The idea is for ALSI to create a “hub of global Changemakers”.  
Hawksley closed with a quote from Nelson Mandela which captured the depth of what they were trying to create: “You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself.”
View and Listen to Matt Hawksley's Presentation