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Bethany Kids is a Christian based charitable organization which works across Africa providing medical training and exceptional care based on the principles of love, empathy, and compassion. That is the message Peter Lublink, left with the Kingston Rotary club at Thursday’s weekly meeting.
First, they train pediatric surgeons. Currently, they have a presence in 10 different countries across the continent. These African surgeons are trained to serve the medical and financial situations within their own specific regions.
This way children are served based on need not their financial ability to pay. When a child is sick the whole family is impacted; when a child is healed the family is then lifted. Therefore, when Bethany provides pediatric surgeries Bethany Kids is healing and lifting the whole family’s spirits.
After surgery Bethany Kids will provide Holistic Care, ensuring all their needs are met for a full recovery. This could mean anything from wheelchairs to laundry care.
Due to the success of this program, patients are now coming out of care and can now offer care for other children recovering.
Over 3000 children are cared for on a annual basis, and over 40,000 surgeries have been completed, meaning some 40,000 families have been impacted. Plus, over 3000 wheelchairs have been provided so children could continue to improve their quality of life.
Peter shared with us a beautiful success story of Francesca who is now working at Bethany Kids. She was born in a community that saw her medical disability, Spina Bifida, as a curse and the way to deal with a curse is to get rid of it, meaning get rid of her. Francesca, even though she faced many difficult times, never gave up. When Bethany Kids became involved, she was able to learn skills, complete school, and was extremely dedicated to educating her community. She is a true inspiration.
Bethany Kids needs and depends on continuous support from our community. For Bethany Kids, “Love heals”. To help visit https://bethanykids.org/

Watch and listen to Peter Lublink's talk

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