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Bonjour from sunny Verdun,
For me in France April means April vacation, which also means my long awaited bus trip!
My district unfortunately didn’t get the opportunity to participate in the “euro tour” but we did get our very own France tour!

I spent 9 days on a bus with students from all over the world, each day getting to know each one and their respective countries better!

Throughout our voyage we managed to see almost every major city in France! They were all amazing but my favourite has to be Marseille.

I got to scratch another one of my France bucket list items off my list, I saw both the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea! I got to meet so many amazing people which is definitely one of my favourite parts of exchange!

Scenes from my tour


As we approach May the weather keeps getting nicer and nicer which makes me very happy!

These days all around school the pressure is on as the “Bac” is approaching for the French students.

As a student myself, I’ve been obligated to take the practice exams with my class and I’m very proud to report that I’ve not only passed but went above the average in my practice exams!
This is a huge accomplishment for me, and means that my French has come a long way since September! Although French academic culture can be tough, I’ve found it’s been great for giving me better study habits and overall great for improving my language skills.
Overall life has been steady. I’m still with the same amazing host family who at this point feel like my real family.

With the vacation I’ve had more free time to see some friends that live a bit farther away. Like the other day when I took the train to see a friend I made through our district rotary meetings. We spent the weekend together and she showed me her little slice of France!

This wouldn’t be possible without my two favorite rotary clubs supporting me from different sides of the world!

I hope all is well across the pond!

Until next month (maybe),
Shay :)