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How do you know if your ClubRunner Rotary club website is a success? What for-that-matter are the goals for your site in the first place?
As my club has now completed one year with ClubRunner, I wanted to provide the members with some idea of of its success.

However, since I have never had a discussion about their goals for the site, I used my own goals to choose what metrics I would share.

My personal goals for the site were:
  1. To see a steady increase in the growth of the site month to month throughout the year, year over year. To do this I chose the number of page views and users.
  2. To grow a site with as large a local audience as possible using user location data.

Of course this is but a microcosm of the data one should monitor for a site but my time was limited to a 5 minute “Rotary Moment”. Besides, sharing data is rarely a welcome topic for an audience many of whom couldn’t care less about a website’s reach.

The truth is, unless your club can afford Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software few Rotary clubs have any idea how their site’s numbers are doing compared to other sites. There is little evidence that the topic is of much importance among the members of the ClubRunnerCommunity.com members.  It is my contention that few clubs even use Google Analytics a free source of data.

My reason for choosing those two goals is to prepare for the day when it becomes feasible to introduce ClubRunner’s Membership Success Module to the club for without a fairly large local user group who return often the success of such an endeavour is limited.

The presentation which follows is in PowerPoint form, using a recorded and video insert sound-track, exported to an MP4 format and then uploaded to the Club’s YouTube channel.
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