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Jotham is a Tanzanian student at the Timothy Massawe School on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Our club provides Jotham with a full Primary School sponsorship, and will do so for seven years, until graduation.
The purpose of our Rotary scholarship is to empower vulnerable children through education.

Another member of his class is supported by individual Rotary members.

As sponsors, we will receive pictures, report cards, etc. According to International Services Committee member, Carol Cartier,”It will be fun to support and follow young Jotham’s schooling over the next 7 years.”

Jotham’s school has a student to teacher ratio of 25 to 1, which is much better than the national average.

Jotham came second in his class this year and I asked Timothy Massawe a Rotarian and founder of the school, if there was something we could do for the class to honour his achievement. He suggested a tablet for the classroom.

Carol proposes that our members should sign a card and perhaps make a donation towards the tablet. They are about $150 each.

Her hope is that the club could present Timothy with the card when he visits our club on July 27.

According to Cartier she sometimes call Jotham our “Starfish boy” because even when we can’t help everyone, we can make a difference for one.