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Krishna Burra, Director of Education for Limestone District School Board described the March 21st removal of the mask mandate in schools on the heels of the March Break as having a significant impact, because it was feared by some and a relief to others.  
He did add, however, "The vast majority of staff and students are continuing to mask in Limestone schools."

Burra reported that the Board of Trustees did meet during March break and asked the Chief Medical Officer of health (CMOH) and local public health officer if they can hold off on the new measures so that masks can remain required for at least 2 weeks after March break.  The request was not successful as the CMOH and local public health felt that it was safe and the right move at this time.  

School boards they said, "Do not have the authority to put their own mandates in place."  

"Some families are concerned, especially those with immune compromised students or have children at home who have moved onto virtual learning", Burra said. 

There is also a 2 week masking requirement after traveling outside of Canada, however, there are those people that have traveled on March break that are not complying with this, including some school employees who choose not to mask, Burra added.   

Masking issues have dwarfed all other issues, however, on a positive note, schools can now have spectators at events such as sports, and graduation ceremonies.   
The school board is optimistic that things will normalize over the next couple weeks. 
Burra said his primary concern is "with staffing, especially dealing with staff or their children, who get COVID during this transition period."   

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