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Rotary is not only an organization that encourages service above self, but we also love to socialize. And there is no better place to socialize than Ann Levison's’s amazing garden.

Words do not describe the beauty of the oasis that Ann has created. The pictures do not do it justice. The diversity, colours, fragrance and design combinations are incredible. It is also a great haven for butterflies, birds, bees and insects. 


Scenes from Ann's Garden



I read a poem the other day, which captures for me the essence of Ann’s gardens: 

Kind hearts are the gardens,  

Kind thoughts are the roots

Kind words are the flowers,  

Kind deeds are the fruits,  

Take care of your garden  

And keep out the weeds,  

Fill it with sunshine,  

Kind words,  

and Kind deeds. 


After touring the gardens, we laughed, shared stories and enjoyed a delicious potluck supper. 

We all thank you Ann for hosting us as a great time was had by all.