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(L-R) Elsabe Falkson, Ann Levison, Rene Marchen, Allan Dunlop, Barry Slater, Dave Short, Adrienne Brown.
The weather was perfect and everybody came to the Monarch Butterfly Garden in Rotary Park with tools and garbage bags in hand ready to spring clean the park and to tackle the weeds in the garden.
Interestingly, this working group was composed mainly of senior members which just goes to prove that when it comes to Rotarians in Action age is no barrier.

It was hot work too but after about three hours excellent progress had been made.  Grounds were tidied, weeds were pulled and mulch was generously applied, particularly by Dave "the Shovel" Short. 


Before and After shots of the Butterfly Garden

On the down side, David Ibbott lost his house keys, and did not discover this until he had driven back home.  On the up side, he returned to the garden and found them promising to volunteer a happy buck at our next meeting. 

It was great fun and all the workers will no doubt sleep well tonight.