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REUSABLE BEE FRIENDLY ~  NO MOW MAY lawn signs are available.

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We ask for a voluntary donation ($20 or what you can afford)  to  help Rotarians in their voluntary efforts to further environmental, biodiversity, and climate change actions. Please   e-transfer to rotarykingston@gmail.com 

This project is sponsored by Rotary District 7040, Rotary Clubs, and ESRAG North East America.

The City of Kingston is supporting this initiative 

We have partnered with 1000 Islands Master Gardeners to give lawn and garden guidance on No Mow May and beyond.

Signs: Visibility must be maintained (on corners and where neighbors use driveways)  so no signs can be placed that would impede any driver’s visibility.

When it is time to cut grass, cut it in stages: do not go from No Mow back to the old short lawn in one cut.  Grass should not be cut more than a third of its length as cutting any lower could kill your grass.

Please save your signs and put them up again in April next year, or if you have switched to a meadow, pollinator, edible or forest garden inspire a friend or neighbor to use the sign! 

Signs can be picked up at 4296 Bath Road.  It is not a business

No Mow May – 1000 Islands Master Gardeners (rideau1000islandsmastergardeners.com)


5 Ways to Participate in "No Mow May" and Help Bees This Spring (bhg.com)

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