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Community Outreach Grants

Once a year, The Rotary Club of Kingston invites local not-for-profit organizations to submit grant applications to fund innovative community projects. Those projects aligning with our club’s goals to support initiatives that address needs of children & youth, disabled children & adults, seniors, and/or the environment - and Rotary International’s Seven Areas of Focus (www.rotary.org/en/our-causes) - will be accepted for consideration. Only proposals requesting funds for specific projects and programs are considered; the club will not fund an organization’s operational budget (salaries, etc).

The 2022 Rotary Club of Kingston Community Outreach Grants application process is now underway. The deadline to submit applications is Monday, February 7, 2022 at 5pm. All information pertaining to the grants process can be found below and in the 'How to Apply' document. Please follow the instructions (see special note for Mac users) before filling out and saving the application. If you have any additional questions, please contact the committee at rotarykingston@gmail.com.

2022 Community Outreach Grants Application  *   2022 COG How to Apply


Since 2015, the Rotary Club of Kingston has been extremely proud to approve Community Outreach Grants for the following projects:

Winter 2021 - Grants totalling $25,308

  • Almost Home (Thrift Shop) - $2,258

  • Camp Outlook (Covid Safe Canoe Tripping) - $1,500

  • Frontenac Kingston Council on Aging (Quick Fixit Friend) - $1,100

  • Go With the Flow Kingston (Reusable Feminine Hygiene Kits) - $2,000

  • Kingston Youth Shelter (Digital Outreach) - $2,000

  • Lionhearts Inc. (Covid-19 Street Project) - $1,500

  • PBSC Queen's (I.D. Clinic Legal Services) - $1,000

  • RKY Camp (Water System) - $2,500

  • Think First (Social Media Project) - $1,200

Note: Nine COG funding requests received support (or additional support) from our club's Youth Development Committee (Tall Ships Expeditions Canada Brigantine & Youth Diversion); our club's Trust Fund Committee (Big Spoon Lil Spoon, Easter Seals, Ongwanada); and the Kingston Rotary Centennial Committee (Cycle Kingston, Blue Canoe, Camp Outlook & Lionhearts).

Winter 2020 - Grants totalling $27,500

  • Camp Outlook (Leadership Program) - $2,909

  • Helen Tufts Nursery School (Playground Phase II) - $2,000

  • Kingston Frontenac Council on Aging (Sunshine Call Pilot) - $1,050

  • Kingston Indigenous Languages Nest (Lead Community Garden) - $1,750

  • Lionhearts Inc. (Heat $ Eat Meal Distribution) - $2,500

  • Loving Spoonful (Grow Program) - $2,280

  • Partners in Mission Food Bank (Freezer Door) - $2,500

  • PBSC - Queen's (ID Clinic) - $1,000

  • St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (Special Meals) - $1,000

  • St. Vincent de Paul Society (Summer Emergency Food Pantry) - $1,500

  • Tall Ships Canada - Brigantine (Project Mainstay) - $2,200

  • ThinkFirst Kingston (Youth Bike Helmets) - $2,000

  • Youth Diversion (ACE Mental Health Support) - $2,000

Note: Four COG funding requests received support instead from our club's Youth Development Committee: Bereaved Families of Ontario - Kingston (Grief Support for Youth) - $500; JR Henderson P.S. (Learning Commons) - $700; Kingston Canadian Film Festival (Live the Experience Fund) - $300; and Molly Brant P.S. (I Am Different Not Less) - $1,000.

Winter 2019 - Grants totalling​ $20,522

  • Brigantine Inc. (Sail Training & Outdoor Education) - $1,200

  • Camp Outlook (Leadership Program) - $2,100

  • Cycle Kingston (Gear Up! Recycle Bikes Tools & Equipment) - $2,226

  • Frontenac 4H (4H Garden Club) - $450

  • Frontenac Council on Aging (Elder Abuse Peer Support Line) - $2,200

  • Helen Tufts Nursery School (Playground Fencing Project) - $2,325

  • Kingston Day Care (Singing & Swinging) - $450

  • Lord Strathcona P.S. ('Made In the Shade') - $700

  • Loving Spoonful (Healthy Food for Kingston) - $1,885

  • Rideau Heights P.S. (Reading is Power) - $1,225

  • RKY Camp Dock (Boating Dock Rebuild) - $2,176

  • Southern Frontenac Community Services (Adult Day Program - Windows) - $2,000

  • ThinkFirst Kingston (Helmets? We've got you covered!) - $1,435

Note: Three COG funding requests received support instead from our club's Trust Fund Committee: Easter Seals Shower Commode Mobile Chairs ($3,000); Limestone Boat & Board (LBBC) Rotary Park Water Accessibility Project ($2,300); and Ongwanada Accessible Community Garden ($2,500).

​Winter 2018 - Grants totalling $13,055

  • Easter Seals Ontario (Camp Merrywood Mattresses) - $1,300

  • H'art Centre (Go Wireless) - $794

  • Kingston Street Mission - $1,000

  • Loving Spoonful (Family Engagement Workshops) - $1,080

  • Madeleine de Roybon PS (Love of Music) - $491

  • Martha's Table (Meal Shop Prep) - $600

  • Molly Brant PS (Kindergarten Yard Enhancement) - $3,000

  • MusicMates (Community Outreach) - $1,112

  • Oasis Senior Supportive Living Inc. (Capital Replacement) - $1,344

  • Rideau Heights PS (Regulation Station) - $1,305

  • Well Suited Kingston (Suiting Program) - $1,029

Winter 2017 - Grants totalling $14,827

  • Easter Seals Ontario (Camp Merrywood Mattresses) - $1,000

  • Kingston Daycare (Play Houses) - $840

  • Kingston Youth Shelter (Kingston Youth Transitions - Elmwood) - $1,975

  • Loughborough Public School (Classroom Without Walls) - $700

  • Loving Spoonful (Seed & Harvest Community Gardens) - $2,824

  • MusicMates (Safety Mats) - $1,200

  • Oasis Senior Supportive Living (PA System) - $610

  • Ongwanada (Circle of Friends) - $1,250

  • Rideau Heights Public School (Arts Workshops) - $1,200

  • St. Andrew's Meals (Food Elevator) - $1,928

  • St. Vincent de Paul Society (Summer Meal Program) - $1,300

Winter 2016 - Grants totalling $12,722

  • Blue Canoe Theatrical Productions Inc. (The Juvenis Festival) - $1,000

  • Easter Seals Ontario (Camp Merrywood Light Fixtures) - $800

  • H'art Centre (Young at H’art) - $1,413

  • Holy Family Catholic School (Raising Literacy Rates) - $1,000

  • JG Simcoe Public School (Grade 7 & 8 Instrumental Music Program) - $1,955

  • Loving Spoonful (The GROW Project) - $1,660

  • Seniors Association Kingston Region (Enhancing Cultural Heritage) - $1,706

  • St. Vincent de Paul Society of Kingston (Milk Voucher Program) - $1,995

  • YMCA of Kingston (The Kingston Y Penguins Aquatic Club) - $1,193

Summer 2015 - Grants totalling $10,000

  • Beyond Classrooms Kingston (Can You Hear Me?) - $1,500

  • The Canadian Mental Health Association-Kingston Branch (Mental Health Promotion Tools) - $1,337

  • Girls Incorporated of Limestone, Algonquin and Lakeshore (Project Bold) - $1,000

  • Kingston Community Health Centres (Natural Play Area) - $1,663

  • Kingston Home Base Non-profit Housing Inc. (ID Bank) - $1,500

  • St. Mary's Cathedral Hot Meals Program (St. John the Apostle Kitchen Renovation) - $1,500

  • Youth Diversion (LEAD Camp) - $1,500     

​​Additional Information:

What types of initiatives will the Rotary Club of Kingston fund?

The Rotary Club of Kingston is committed to supporting local projects that focus on helping children & youth, disabled children & adults, seniors, and the environment. Click here to discover our club’s commitment to Service Above Self.

Are there any projects that the Rotary Club of Kingston won’t consider for funding?

Rotary is a non-political, non-religious service club that welcomes diversity in its members. The guiding principles of Rotary are reflected in the 4-Way Test and in the Objects of Rotary. We do not provide funding to cover operational budgets and will not consider requests that promote or encourage a specific religious belief or single-faith-based initiative; are associated with any political party or government entity; and/or are divisive, discriminatory, oppressive, or criminal.

Can any organization apply for a grant, even if it is not a registered charity?

If your organization is not-for-profit but does not have a charitable registration number, the Community Outreach Grants Committee will consider the request if it addresses the needs of children & youth, seniors, and/or the environment.

Why are applications only being accepted by email?

The Rotary Club of Kingston is entirely volunteer-based. Accepting grant proposals by email enables us to share the information quickly and efficiently with our committee members. This process is also environmentally responsible since it limits the use of paper.

If an application is successful, when will the grant money be distributed?

All recipients will be invited to a special Rotary Club of Kingston meeting for a cheque presentation ceremony and celebration. You will also have an opportunity to make a brief presentation to our members about your project. 

If a project requires government approval to begin, can we still apply for a grant?

It is important that your grant proposal identify any limitations, timing, and duration of the project. It might be best to wait for approval before applying for funding from the Rotary Club of Kingston.

Can individuals or families apply for a grant?

The Community Outreach Grants Committee focuses on grant applications from organizations. The Rotary Club of Kingston addresses all requests from individuals through its Trust Fund Committee. For more information, visit our Community Service page.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Community Outreach Grants Committee by email at rotarykingston@gmail.com.