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Instead of a regular meeting on June 2nd, The Rotary Club of Kingston held a “Service Day’. It was a chance for members to take on one of several work projects and to end with an evening of fellowship.
One of the work projects, the Robinson Community Garden had to be postponed due to the volume of rain we experienced the day before. The field was too wet for planting. Planting is rescheduled for 7:00 am on Thursday morning, June 16th.
Work on the Monarch Butterfly Garden at Lemoine Point Conservation Park and Rotary Park went ahead. While weeding, Elsabé was approached by a young mother and her toddler who want to create a pollinator garden at home. I’m sure lots of hints about suitable native plants were provided.  

Peter Merkley, Elsabé Falkson and Carol Cartier after weeding the Monarch Butterfly Garden

That evening, thanks to the generosity of Rotarian Bernie Robinson, about two-dozen Rotarians plus friends gathered at his “Sugar Shack” for a barbeque between 5:30 and 9 pm.

Tables were available both outside and inside the shack. Sitting around the campfire proved popular and led to many interesting conversations as dusk came upon us. Great fellowship on the lovely stone patio overlooking the soon-to-be-planted fields.

One of our members, John Borst, brought Tru Earth’s bamboo utensils. It was an opportunity for our environmentally conscious Elsabé to take a photo and promote Tru Earth’s many environmentally safe products which contribute a portion of their profit back to the club as a fundraiser. She was proud of John for setting an example by using sustainable, reusable utensils and not single-use plastics!

Elsabé and Darlene wearing 'card' hats
David Ibbott, Bob, and Claire Mallette chatting